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Dr. David Lamothe Reviewed by Edward L .
"My first visit to Smyrna Dental & Implant Center was shortly after it opened in 2008. My Dad, who was 90 years old at that time, had a dental issue. We just walked in, no appt."
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" We went and did CT scans, we saw specialists, you name it, we did it...we heard everything from 'it's anxiety; she'll grow out of it' to 'don't worry about it; just give her Tylenol.' After the second visit of [TruDenta] therapy, I had no more headaches — I would do this 100 times over because it has been amazing. "
~ Missy
While patients might not think much about the alignment of their bite, it can negatively impact their smile in a variety of ways. By treating bite imbalances, patients can seek life changing dentistry that can improve a number of concerns that often develop from this condition. Patients who have headaches, migraines, tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness, and TMJ disorder can benefit from treatment. At Smyrna Dental and Implant Center, many of our benefits are excited to learn about a treatment called TruDenta.

Trudenta Smyrna - Headache Relief

What is TruDenta?

The TruDenta system is a great way to address bite imbalances in the office and at home. It combines two types of treatments. The first is done in-office and is personalized with light therapy, muscle manipulation, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy. The second part is done at home as patients continue to perform special exercises and wear an orthotic between visits to the dentist.

TruDenta starts with an evaluation with scans to check the alignment and imbalance in the smile. It includes a special questionnaire which allows Dr. David Lamothe to determine one's needs. Then, a treatment plan is custom-made after this assessment and begins with therapies necessary to relieve patients of pain and discomfort.

Is treatment coverable with dental insurance?

If you have dental insurance, you may be able to reduce the out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment depending on your specific insurance provider and policy. We encourage patients to speak to our front desk team about their coverage requirements and then discuss the possibility of financing the remaining amount. The full cost can also be financed with payment plan options available in our practice if patients do not have dental insurance coverage for treatment.

Many patients are able to seek relief for their conditions by treating their bite imbalance with TruDenta services at Smyrna Dental and Implant Center. Our family-friendly practice has dedicated itself to providing services to children and adults in the community of Smyrna, Georgia. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and discuss the many advantages of using TruDenta therapy and many other treatments to address common dental concerns.

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