Over time, the use of new dental materials continues to offer patients a variety of options when it comes to restoring their smile. A natural-looking smile is more attainable than ever, thanks to modern dental techniques and procedures. When patients come to Smyrna Dental to have cavities treated, they may ask their dentist about tooth colored fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are fillings that are made of composite resin. This material is white and blends in beautifully with a patient’s natural tooth enamel. They allow patients to restore teeth near the front of the mouth in a seamless, beautiful way.

In the past, many dentists used materials such as gold and silver amalgam to fill teeth. However, there are many concerns with this. First, patients may be at risk of mercury toxicity. Second, the contraction and expansion of the fillings in reaction to hot or cold substances can fracture the tooth. Composite resin is beneficial because it eliminates the risk of mercury toxicity, is biocompatible, bonds securely to the tooth, lasts longer, and blends in cosmetically.

Composite tooth colored fillings are placed in just one dental appointment. The tooth is prepared for the filling by removing the decay. Once the area has been cleaned and disinfected, the dentist applies bonding adhesive inside the tooth and places the composite resin inside. The filling is hardened with a special light, and then smoothed and polished. Patients love that their smile looks just as beautiful as before, and prefer to have tooth colored fillings as opposed to unsightly metal fillings with silver amalgam or gold. The dentist can explain the advantages that composite resin fillings have over traditional metal ones.

The team at Smyrna Dental offers composite, tooth colored fillings for patients who are interested in a more aesthetic appearance after the treatment of tooth decay. If you have cavities and you are interested in having tooth colored fillings placed instead of silver amalgam or gold, contact our practice or call us at (678) 374-3764 and schedule an appointment. We love to see new faces, and we will gladly assist in restoring your smile after decay has occurred.

Dr. David Lamothe

Dr. David Lamothe at Smyrna Dental is dedicated to helping patients get back their confidence with a healthy and a happy smile. He provides services ranging from cosmetic and restorative dentistry with the help of the latest digital technology and equipment. With treatment options such as dental crowns, bridges, and full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Lamothe will help regain the smile you have always dreamed of.

Dr. Lamothe earned his dentistry degree from the University of Texas Dental Branch. He pursued to advance his knowledge with practice and continuous education through dental courses specializing in restorative and cosmetic dental techniques. Due to his years of expertise and skills, he is valued as a member of the National Dental Association and prestigious dental associations.