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Almost 20 years ago I chipped my front tooth, other dentists fixed the tooth with a Veneer and it subsequently chipped more than once. In 2004, Dr. Lamothe fixed the tooth and since then it has never chipped. Since relocating I have been to multiple dentists and each has complemented his work - color match, design, grooves, etc. He is the best I've experienced, bar none.
Edward Lawrence Williams



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For a stunning smile that lasts – durable, lifelike porcelain veneers in Smyrna, GA

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Dr. Lamothe just gave you a clean bill of health.
If there was a “popularity contest” among dental procedures, porcelain veneers would be an outright winner! This method of creating a “winning smile” is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedures; only whitening and veneers’ “direct” counterpart, dental bonding, are performed more frequently according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s State of the Industry survey. Discover for yourself why so many patients love porcelain veneers in Smyrna GA.

Porcelain veneers, recreating natural enamel

Veneers are a dental material made to look, feel, and function like natural and healthy tooth enamel. While enamel is the hardest substance in the human body (even harder than bone!), it is vulnerable to damaging habits and age-related changes; for instance, excessive pressure from habits like grinding your teeth or chewing on ice can create chips and cracks. Your tooth may be prone to further damage, which affects the deeper structure and requires more extensive and costly restorative treatment. These and other destructive habits wear down teeth, altering their shape. Poorly-shaped teeth detract from attractive proportion and symmetry.

Enamel is not only protective; it’s also responsible for the stunning color and brilliance of your teeth! But, over time, you may notice your teeth appear more yellow. Enamel can thin out, exposing the darker dentin layer underneath that makes your teeth appear discolored. Stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and other foods and products can accumulate.

Teeth may shift over time, or after years of not wearing a retainer following treatment with braces or other orthodontic appliances. Uneven spacing or misalignment can also arise due to missing teeth. A tooth may “drift” toward the empty space (another reason to discuss beautiful and long-lasting tooth replacement!).
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Veneers are designed to treat all of these cosmetic concerns:
  • Chips and cracks
  • Misshapen or “short” teeth
  • Very yellow or discolored teeth, which don’t respond to bleaching
  • Gaps
When the Smyrna Dental & Headache Center team says veneers are a versatile treatment for cosmetic concerns, they emphasize the “cosmetic” part. Many of the above tooth-related issues can also be caused by gum and teeth problems that require restorative treatments; for instance, dark or discolored spots on your teeth can indicate cavities or areas of decay or shifting can be caused by gum disease. Your friendly dentists in Smyrna must resolve oral health problems before moving forward with cosmetic treatments. These procedures include cosmetic fillings and periodontal therapies like scaling and root planning or “deep cleaning.”

The process, in 1, 2, 3 steps

Image of a Lady smilling with showing her Brighter Teeth
Dr. Lamothe just gave you a clean bill of health. Congratulations! You are a great candidate for veneers. Now what?
  1. The tooth (or teeth) to be treated is prepared. Preparation is simple! A small amount of natural enamel is removed to make way for the thin layers of dental porcelain that are the veneer.
  2. An impression or model of the prepared tooth is made. Your veneer is fabricated based off of that impression and any other information collected by Dr. Lamothe. This information is sent to skilled lab technicians, who make your veneer to exacting shape, shade, and other specifications.
  3. The veneer is placed during a second visit to Smyrna Dental & Headache Center. Before Dr. Lamothe bonds the veneer to your tooth, he checks to make sure that it fits and looks natural. Adjustments are made before the veneer is permanently cemented.
Now it’s time to enjoy your dazzling smile! Veneers are a great value. you can enjoy them for decades with little maintenance other than the usual good home hygiene, check-ups, and cleanings at our office. Sometimes, porcelain veneers are referred to as “indirect veneers.” “Indirect” types of restorations also include crowns and pontics (or replacement teeth in dental bridges). All of these restorations are made in a dental lab.

“Direct” veneers are made from a tooth-like material such as composite resin, which is prepared for your unique needs. The material is then directly placed on the treated teeth. Pliable, your dentist uses his artistic skills to shape the material so that is looks and feels natural. This procedure is also known as dental bonding.

Bonding is cost-effective, doesn’t require the removal of enamel, and can be completed in a single visit. Veneers are considered to be an incredibly lifelike alternative. Their durability is unmatched. Another benefit? Direct veneers are stain-resistant.

There are many considerations when deciding if the veneers procedure is best for you, and which of those veneers options is most suited to your lifestyle, needs, goals, and budget. Call (678) 374 3764 to schedule your appointment at Smyrna Dental & Headache Center.

Dr. David Lamothe

Smyrna Dental & Headache Center

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Dr. David Lamothe at Smyrna Dental is dedicated to helping patients get back their confidence with a healthy and a happy smile. He provides services ranging from cosmetic and restorative dentistry with the help of the latest digital technology and equipment. With treatment options such as dental crowns, bridges, implants and full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Lamothe will help regain the smile you have always dreamed of.

Dr. Lamothe earned his dentistry degree from the University of Texas Dental Branch. He pursued to advance his knowledge with practice and continuous education through dental courses specializing in restorative and cosmetic dental techniques. Due to his years of expertise and skills, he is valued as a member of the National Dental Association and prestigious dental associations.

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